Sandy Stephen Calecer
I saw that one coming.


Sandy Calecer





Index Number



Junior Warehouse Custodian

Previous Occupation

Psychic Consultant

Area of Expertise

Cold Reading, Predicting, Psychology, History


Life Before the WarehouseEdit

Raised in Helena, Montana, Sandy was known for his intuitive nature and almost perfect ability to predict future events. This reputation was not inherently supernatural, however - his empathetic personality and love of history made human psychology easy for him to grasp, all of which he used to successfully cold read the world around him.

Though encouraged to formally study psychology and become a doctor, Sandy quietly stopped and began working as a psychic consultant instead, much to the surprise of his peers.

It was during a routine consultation with a client that he was introduced to Agents Donovan and Lattimer and became entangled in the artifact they were searching for, inadvertedly learning about the Warehouse.


Sandy spends most of his time providing support for agents in the field, having found a place in archiving and research. He has proven incredibly adept at keeping track of artifact information, and alongside Claudia and Artie has been working on improving the artifact detection parameters to expand upon patterns that he himself has taken note of.

When actually out in the field, Sandy is often distracted or spacey, but has a good relationship with his fellow agents. Integral to a few key artifact retrieval reports, Sandy may be more comfortable from his perch in the Warehouse office, but knows how to hold his own when outside the nest.

Notably Collected Artifacts Edit

Artifact UsageEdit

Sandy uses a Tesla Gun when necessary, and has a strong affection for it, but has used Bill Wattersons' Transmogrifier Gun whenever he can as his preferred firearm. Recently, he has become interested in the Tesla-rival, the Sabine.  Recently, Claudia was able to get her hands on the original blueprints and came out with a Sniper Rifle and Shotgun varient, one of which he was given to him.


  • Sandy can be a shameless flirt when he wants to be, especially when he's in a good mood. He and H.A.R.P. agent Nikki Nola share this trait, and ever since her incident in Australia, has tried to adjust how he flirts to fit her mood.
  • Sandy tends to be dramatic and wax poetic.
  • Sandy attempts to be the diplomatic one of the Warehouse Agents, attempting to find solutions to problems that can crop up between co-workers - however, he often fails to realize when his attempts to find compromise are unnecessary.
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