Salmaan Taseer's Glasses


Salmaan Taseer




When worn, they will see the innocence of an individual, though it is more pronounced if the person is committed of a wrong doing they have not done.


If the wearer tries to help the person or speak up about what is going on, they will be killed by a person close to them who opposes them on their views.


Wearing the glasses

Collected by

Mr. Kipling & Myka Bering







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

In an interview with Meher Bukhari on Samaa TV, Taseer commented on his view about the country's blasphemy law and on filing a mercy petition for Asia Bibi who has been sentenced to death by a court under the Blasphemy Law.

Death[edit | edit source]

On 4 January 2011, one of Taseer's bodyguards, Malik Mumtaz Qadri, shot him 27 times with an MP5 sub-machine gun at Kohsar Market, near his home in Sector F6, Islamabad, as he was returning to his car after meeting a friend for lunch. Kohsar Market is a popular shopping and cafe spot for the city's elite and expatriates. Eight hours before his assassination, he tweeted an Urdu couplet by Shakeel Badayuni: "My resolve is so strong that I do not fear the flames from without, I fear only the radiance of the flowers, that it might burn my garden down."

The next day, hundreds of people turned up for governor Salman Taseer's funeral in Lahore in spite of denunciation by some clerics and religious scholars from mourning Taseer. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and many supporters of the ruling PPP were seen attending the funeral prayer. The funeral prayers were finally led by Allama Afzal Chisti of the Ulema wing of the PPP after the chief cleric of the Badshahi Mosque, who had initially agreed to offer prayers, backed off at the last moment, saying he was going out of town. Taseer was buried at a military cantonment in Lahore.

Today[edit | edit source]

When a case popped up about someone trying to defend a person who was innocent of a crime they were committed for, and then were assassinated by someone close who opposed them on their views, Mr. Kipling and Myka went to Pakistan to check it out. They first thought it was a simple assassination, but then it happened again to someone who was close to the deceased, as they were trying to help the same person who was wrongly accused for a crime put upon them. Both agents realized that the person was wearing a pair of glasses they did not own before, and when Mr. Kipling grabbed it, he noticed it was the artifact they were looking for. After checking out the glasses they realized that they use to be owned by Salmaan Taseer, and when they bagged the artifact the effects stopped, saving the user. The glasses were then taken back to the Warehouse.

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