Salem Saberhagen Animatron


"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" puppeteers


Animatronic Cat


Turns someone into a talking cat




Petting his fur

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Date of Collection

November 26, 2011


Origin[edit | edit source]

From a branch of the beloved Archie comic series, 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' quickly became its own beloved stand-alone franchise, prompting comics, graphic novels, movies, merchandise, a cartoon, and a well-known television series. Sabrina, the main character, played by Melissa Joan Hart, had a family cat named Salem, who was revealed to once have been a powerful Warlock...before trying to take over the world, being caught, and punished by being turned into a cat with no magical power to speak of, a sequence of events which he was slightly embittered about.

To portray this character in the show, the production team engineered an animatronic cat for whenever the face of Salem was needed for a shot. After years of being used in such a magical show, it really isn't a surprise that this animatron gained a little hocus-pocus itself.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Petting this black cat's fur will, after a few minutes, turn the person's body into that of a cat, while still giving them the ability to talk normally. Simultaneously, and shockingly, it makes the animatron animate - a physical, mental, and emotional representation of Salem Saberhagen. The effects can be reversed if the person rubs the fur of Salem again...but Salem may try to avoid this as best as he can, as he reverts back to animatronic form once this occurs.

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