Rozhok from the Kunstkamera


Peter the Great




Mutation Inducement


Effects are Permanent



Collected by

Iosif Novichkov and Selena Lomovtseva




((TBA by Elsa))


((TBA by Elsa))

Date of Collection

February 8, 1725



The Kunstkamera was the first museum, a giant "cabinet of curiosities", in Russia, created by Peter the Great to house and display special objects and specimens. As was typical of the time, he collected people with strange physical abnormalities, or mutations, or at times just their body parts, and either had them kept in the museum or installed in his court as guards, servants, or entertainers. This rozhok was used by one of Peter's courtiers to "find" new freaks to add to the Tsar's collection.


When played, anyone who hears the sound of the rozhok clearly, except the player, will begin to mutate. Mutations are random, as are the extent to which individuals mutate. Some gain minor abnormalities such as heterochromia or polydactyly, while some transformations become monstrous, sometimes even altering the victim's mind and making them lash out violently.

Even after the rozhok has been neutralized, victims will not automatically be returned to normal, and so far none have been successfully returned to their original state even with artifact assistance.

Collection Edit

Collected during the early reign of Warehouse 11 by Iosif Novichkov and Selena Lomovtseva from the court of Peter the Great on the day of his death as part of an artifact cache he had owned or created during his lifetime.

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