This section of the Warehouse holds cars, trucks, buses, bikes; basically any mode of transportation. When vehicles are added to the warehouse, depending on the size of the object they can either be a floor display or stored in the bottom row of a shelving unit. Anything else that is related to a vehicle or was in an event is situated around one is added to this sector.

Artifacts in Storage

The Hanger (Wright-1903)

This section, attached to "Route 66" stores various aircraft: airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters, and rockets. Some aircraft are parked on the floor, while others are hung from the ceiling by using Domenico Fontana's Rope. This is due to the many shapes and sizes the aircraft come in. It is one of the largest sections in the Warehouse. Other planes and aerial transports hanging from the Warehouse ceiling are not officially part of the Hanger.

Motorcycle Aisle (Roper-97D)

The Motorcycle Aisle is part of Route 66 which contains all artifacts relating to motorcycle culture. At the one end of it is the Pete Cave, which is not officially part of the Motorcycle Aisle.

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