Roses and Cognac
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Snapshot from Poe's memorial


Poe Toaster


Roses and Cognac


Obscures the user’s identity; makes any other person unforgettable


The user will remain permanently unknown when it makes someone else memorable


Holding three roses and a bottle; placing on another person’s grave or other form or remembrance

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Origin[edit | edit source]

The Poe Toaster is an unidentified person, or persons, who visits Poe’s grave yearly on his birthday to pay respect. He wears a wide rimmed hat and scarf, raises a toast of cognac in memory of Poe and leaves the unfinished bottle along with three roses in a distinct order. He usually arrives and leaves during the nighttime and has eluded being witnessed by the public. No visits have been paid since 2010, and the tradition was assumed to have ended until 2015, where a new toaster was selected-though the selected person will remain anonymous. He appeared the following year on a Saturday three days before Poe's birthday, left the traditional rose and cognac,and intoned "Cineri gloria sera venit" or "glory paid to ones ashes comes too late" before leaving.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The Warehouse has 180 red roses and 60 bottles of French Cognac in storage, three roses and a bottle for every year the Poe Toaster left them at Edgar Allan Poe's grave. Holding a set of three roses and a bottle at any given time completely obscures the holder, making them seem as though they are made of shadows. In addition, placing them all on someone's grave (or any other from of remembrance) will make them impossible to forget.

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