Romeo's Vial of Poison
Romeo's vial of poison.jpg


Romeo and Juliet




Increases love and compassion for their desired partner


Withdrawal causes death from a broken heart



Collected by

Warehouse 10







Date of Collection

November 1604


Origin[edit | edit source]

Romeo and Juliet is the most iconic play William Shakespeare wrote, featuring the tale of unwavering love, loyalty and tragedy of youth. As the children of opposing families, Romeo and Juliet’s tryst receives little support from their parents, siblings and friends. Romeo is banished from his home of Verona, while Juliet is forced to unhappily wed the noble Paris. Pining for her lover, Juliet fakes her death to gain freedom from her family. However, news of Juliet’s demise reaches Romeo; distraught, he bargains with the apothecary to brew him a vial of poison. Romeo later returns to Verona at Juliet’s crypt and poisons himself out of despair. Juliet awakens, discovers Romeo’s body and follows him in suit, to be with her true betrothed in the next life.

Effects[edit | edit source]

A Vial of fake poison from the first ever preformed exhibition of Romeo and Juliet. The drinker will feel an unstoppable desire to nurture, appreciate and care for their true love. This person is the one who will make them most satisfied with life. If they are nowhere close to the user, they will slowly and unknowingly approach each other until first contact. Denying the user of either the vial or their love once found will cause their heart to beat itself apart from overabundant anxiety and longing.

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