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When smoke is inhaled from a cigarette placed in it, the victim then sees the user's greatest fear and react in the same way that the user would normally react. The user is not affected by the smoke.


The same risks that go along with chronic smoking as well as quoting Serling on occasion.


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1959: The Twilight Zone[edit | edit source]

Rod Serling was already a household name in the 1950's through his teleplays, but was subjected to censors and edits for sponsorships. Eventually, he figured that if he switched to a more fanciful world of aliens, supernaturals, and sci-fi, he would be able to be more flexible in his writing, and thus the Twilight Zone was created in which he was the Announcer, until his death in 1975, after which, Prolific Actor Stacy Keach would replace him.

Being a smoker, Serling carried this cigarette case with him and was with him when he wrote down ideas for his episodes such as 'To Serve Man', 'Monsters are Due on Maple Street', 'Time Enough at Last', and 'It's a Good Life'. The case took its owner's ability to see into the human fears and phobias and would imbue fears into the smoke of the cigarettes placed in it.

Today: Warehouse 13[edit | edit source]

When the Warehouse started the H.A.R.P (Historical Artifact Recovery Personal) for oversees collection, they let the consultants they brought on to take 4 artifacts with them for missions. Consultant Tyler Lepido was drawn to the cigarette case and later used it's properties to subdue two guards outside the hotel where Brutus's Dagger was about to be given as a token of piece.

For his own health and safety, Mrs. Fredric has provided him with neutralizer patches to deal with the harmful smoker's effects.

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