Robert the Doll
Robert the Doll sitting in his chair with his lion.


Jamaican slave woman/Robert Eugene Otto




Sentient poltergeist activity.


Moody and temperamental. Also exudes a very spine-chilling aura.


Activates by itself and when spoken to, especially around children.

Collected by








Date of Collection

May 16, 1992


Origin[edit | edit source]

This doll was created by a Jamaican woman skilled in voodoo as a gift to the young Robert Eugene Otto in 1904, who wanted to teach the boy's parents a lesson about how they would treat their hired help. Robert was enamored by this doll, talking to it continually and taking it wherever he went.

But it soon became apparant that this doll wasn't any regular toy. Neighbors reported seeing the doll move from window to window when the family was out, the adults heard another voice between 'conversations' between Robert and Robert, one of which's wasn't Robert's (A joke many agents like to play on), and on occasion, young Robert would wake up screaming, and investigating adults found most of the room's furniture toppled over with Robert the Doll amongst it.

Still, the two remained close to each other for years until an older Mr. Otto locked the doll away in the attic, where it would be discovered by the next family in the house, and a new batch of paranormal activity was served straight out of the oven. The Doll was switched with a near duplicate, aimed to still exude 'paranormal activity' to avoid suspicion, a feat that the Regents arranged. The doll now rests on a shelf in the Samhain sector, turning its head at passing agents, giggling at them or trying to strike up a whispered conversation.

But it is imperative that, no matter the situation, agents always mind their Ps and Qs around Robert - he doesn't like it when people are rude to him.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Robert seems content to sit on his shelf all day. Agent Calecer has suggested that the other artifacts from the section supress his own power, keeping him placid and mostly inert. He has been seen to lift is head and whisper when agents pass by, and it is advised one responds in a polite way. Snubbing him or acting disrespecful in general angers Robert, and the one time this was allowed to happen there was a level five artifact disturbance event.

Robert is capable of generating poltergeist activity, throwing objects around and causing chaos. When not observed he can also move around, seemingly by teleportation.

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