Robert Pickton's Bag of Pig Feed
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Robert Pickton


Bag of Pig Feed


Body disposal


Pouring on a person

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Warehouse 13







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Origin[edit | edit source]

Robert William Pickton (1949 - ) is a Canadian serial killer convicted of second-degree murder of six women. Later, after a confession, Pickton confessed to twenty other victims and that he wished to reach an even number of victims at fifty. Pickton owned a farm with pigs on it however he never wanted to be a farmer. Neglecting the farm itself Pickton, and his brother, turned it into a place where 'events, shows and exhibitions" could take place renting it out for raves, while parties and Hell's Angels events. The only farm hand he kept on was Bill Hiscox who noticed that several women would visit the farm but he never saw them leave. Police were called in about illegal firearms only to discover the personal effects of several missing women. There were claims that Pickton fed the women's bodies to his pigs however the number of pigs made it slightly hard to believe although not impossible.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Pouring over a body causes the flesh to be devoured, leaving only the bones. While using the sounds of squealing pigs can be heard.

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