A very useful artifact - only if it can be used appropriately, however.

Robert Frost's Globe


Robert Frost


Sepia-Toned Globe


Spinning the globe counter-clockwise releases a fiery inferno from the Equator, whilst spinning it clockwise releases blasts of freezing air that can encase anything in ice from the North and South Poles.


The sheer physical manipulation of this artifact in order to use it effectively and without injuring ones self is hard to master.


Spinning the globe

Collected by

Agents Myka Bering, Peter Lattimer, and Sandy Calecer







Date of Collection

November 22, 2012


Appearance[edit | edit source]

A classic globe with a mahogany wood base and gold inlay.

Creation[edit | edit source]

As the famous poet Robert Frost wrote his piece Fire and Ice, he absentmindedly spun the globe sitting nearby. Somehow combining the magic of the words with the kinetic motion of itself, the globe gained its special abilities.

Collection[edit | edit source]

A man in New Jersey was found burnt to a crisp in his office, despite there being no fireplace or heating element in the room. To further arouse suspicions, a neat ring of fire damage lined itself all across the room. A responding officer on the scene was then frozen solid after a 'sudden gust of wind' burst into the room. Though the artifact was briefly stolen by an intrigued and disgruntled employee of the first man to rob a bank, he eventually received first degree burns from the ice and heat that kept hitting him whenever he used the artifact improperly, and was caught by Agents Bering, Lattimer, and Calecer.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Spinning the globe counter-clockwise releases a fiery inferno, emanating from the Equator line of the globe. Holding the globe by its base and 'arm' allows the holder to avoid the fire. Spinning the globe clockwise, however, releases gusts of icy wind from the South and North Poles on the globe, which can freeze solid any object in seconds. The entire sphere itself experiences fluxuations in temperature depending on the mode of the globe used, but this is usually only a few degrees, hardly noticeable compared to its more noticable temperature creations.

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