Rathwire Hillfort Stone
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Chieftain Guaire/Rathwire Hillfort Ruins


Rubble stone


Summons a large dog that protects the "chief" of the area.


Dog is savage. Control can shift during a power exchange.


Holding or throwing with intent

Collected by

Oto Barry



Date of Collection



​Origin[edit | edit source]

Rathwire (Irish: Ráth Guaire, Fort of Guaire) is a village in County Westmeath, Ireland. According to legend this was built by the Chieftain Guaire who gave Rathwire its name. The ruins of the hillfort remain on the western end of the village. Legend has it that Guaire is buried in the ruins and is guarded by a savage dog who does not want the remains disturbed.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When someone holds or tosses the stone with the intent to summon the dog, it will either come from the stone in a wisp of dark smoke (in the case of the former), or appear from around the stone (in the case of the latter). Once summoned, the dog will savagely defend whoever it deems the "chief" of the area. However, if power is exchanged within said area, the dog will instantly switch allegiances to the other person.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This artifact was planned to be used for Retritaliation, where the dog would be used by "PhOto" to try and attack Scott. At some point, there would be a power shift and the dog would instead work for the latter against the former.
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