Queen Tiye's Bones


Queen Tiye during the Harem Conspiracy


Charred Human Remains


Grants user the ability to influence others


Causes spontaneous combustion after excessive use


Holding the bones and pointing them at the victim

Collected by

Regents of Warehouse 2


Ancient Archives

Date of Collection

Record lost, reclaimed by Warehouse 13 in September 2010


A transfer from Warehouse 2.

Origin[edit | edit source]

In April of 1167 BCE, a plot was conceived to dethrone Pharaoh Ramses III and replace him with the lesser prince Pentawere. Pentawere’s mother, Queen Tiye worked with several other high-ranking officials to steal a scroll of black magic that was in the Pharaoh’s possession. She then used this scroll and a wax figurine to control the guards and kill Ramses III. Although the wax-made voodoo doll had no real power, the psychological effect on the guards made them believe they were being controlled and that it could “[enfeeble] the limbs of men” (Rollin Papyrus). It remains unclear whether she successfully slit her husband’s throat but Tiye and her coconspirators were caught and tried according to the Judicial Papyrus of Turin. Tiye was sentenced to death by fire for her crimes, while others like her son Pentawere were allowed to commit suicide by poison. Tiye’s passionate will to enthrone her son, as well as the guards’ belief in the power of the magic, left an imprint on her own body at the moment of her death and imbued it with the ability to control others.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When directed at an individual, the bones will persuade them of whatever the user says. Prolonged use of the artifact causes the user to overheat and eventually be burned alive. Even when the artifact has been neutralized, the user must be poisoned for the burning effects to be neutralized.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The burned remains of Queen Tiye were collected by Regents of Warehouse 2 after hearing tales of a villager who talked his whole town into giving him their valuables. It turns out that the man stole the ‘magical artifact’ from the nearby tomb of a long dead court official. Records show that this official presided over the Harem Conspiracy and smuggled the unburned bone fragment after Tiye’s execution where he learned of its remarkable ability. The court official died several years later from the artifact and was buried with his prized possession.

Lost to the shelves of Warehouse 2 after its hasty burial, the bones were recollected by Warehouse 13 agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering in 2010.

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