Post-It Notes from the Lennon Wall
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2014 Hong Kong Protests AKA The Umbrella Revolution


Post-It notes


Instils a sense of solidarity in anyone who reads a message written on one of them


Written messages eventually just fade away, and all readers lose hope in their goals


Writing on/Reading

Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agent







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The Lennon Wall was a wall of Post-It Notes created during the 2014 Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, spurred by the government's decision on electoral reforms. It was named after the Lennon Wall in the Czech Republic. These notes covered huge sections of the wall, each one featuring a message written by the Hong Kongese protesters. Despite the nearly two month protest, the movement was ultimately futile, and the government did not change their decision on the electoral reforms. The Lennon Wall was cleared by police, but some of the Post-Its were imbued with the passion and fellowship of the protesters, as well as the futility of their actions.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Despite having been written on during the protests, the imbued Post-Its became blank. If written on, a Post-It will become active, and anyone who reads the message will be instilled with a sense of solidarity, similar to what the protesters felt. However, after some time, the message on the Post-It will disappear, and anybody who read the message will lose all hope in their goals, mirroring the failure of the movement.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Although the Lennon Wall was cleared by the police, the imbued Post-Its managed to come together and form a traditional stack of notes. This stack eventually made it's way to an law firm in Hong Kong, where they were used to mark milestones and the like. After a short period of time, all of the messages written on the Post-Its faded away, and the employees of the law firm lost all hope in their current cases. Naturally, this alerted the warehouse to the situation. However, due to the Post-It Notes' bifurcated nature, all of the notes had to be neutralised together, which caused major issues as several of the notes were stuck on files taken home by employees. After scouring the homes of most of the employees, the set of Post-Its was eventually snagged, although the firm never got their failed cases back on track.

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