Platinum Rings from Poland’s Wedding to the Sea
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Poland’s Wedding to the Sea


Platinum Rings


Purifies any Polish water source and its drinkers


Water will animate and drown the manipulative


Emotional excitement in presence of Polish regions


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Origin[edit | edit source]

A nationalist ceremony meant to memorialize the reconnection of Poland to the Baltic Sea after many invasions, specifically the 1793 Partitions that parceled the nation into three territories. The first wedding in 1920 was presided by General Józef Haller, whose division had finally reached the Baltic after retaking it from Germany.

In his memoirs, Haller wrote the designated Bay of Puck was frozen and needed cutting by fishermen. Intending to drop the ring into the icy brink, it instead fell from his hand and rolled in; the fishermen defended themselves by stating the ring would eventually reach another coastal city.

During World War Two, the ceremony occurred before peace was officially declared and upon the front lines. High command allowed individual units to celebrate their own weddings, throwing rings, swearing oaths and raising flags in celebration of their reclaimed national identity.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Each ring can excite the Baltic and other bodies of water located near Polish-dense hotspots. The surface will shimmer with iridescence and the water will become clear of contamination and foreign particles, while the sky above will look a pure steel-gray. Consumers of the vitalized water will report feeling healthier, nobler and a suddenly profound honor with their heritage. Encroachment by manipulative forces (government or corporate) will form a watery barrier around the land to ensure self-autonomy. Those who approach with ill intent will be sucked, drowned and frozen in a matter of minutes.

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