Pimp Cane A.K.A. 'The Hustle Staff'


Currently Unknown


Zebra print cane topped with a mini disco ball


Women see the user as more attractive and will become infatuated with them. User is also much more suave around women.


User will have a pimp walk. If one of the women attracted to him gets too close, the user will become violent and strike her.


Using the cane as a waling stick

Collected by

Consultant M.C. Escher



Date of Collection



Late 1970s: Chicago[edit | edit source]

In this era of Discos, reckless passion, and drugs, this cane was the sign of power in the hands of a Pimp that worked in downtown Bronx.  He liked his women fast, cocaine cheap, and cops with a blind eye.  The cane took in its owner's suave, charm and how all of the women swooned for him.  Sadly, it also absorbed it's owner's violent tendancies towards women, which was the eventual demise of it's owner. 

Today: New Zealand[edit | edit source]

When five powerful pings went off in New Zealand, all five H.A.R.P. Consultants found themselves on the set of the newest season of the Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Dance Fever.  Realizing that each of the main actors were being affected, the Consultants decided to split up to cover more ground.

Esher wound up investigating the actor of the Green Disco Ranger, Trevor Laines.  He had been recently become a chick magnet, in spite of his shyness.  Following him, he found out that his personal assistant had recieved a horrible bruise from him when she tried to bring him lunch the other day after a shoot and that when not in costume, Trevor was awkward around the swarms of women.  Realizing that the only times that Trevor was suave was when he was in costume, he tracked down the Green Ranger's 'prop' weapon, the Hustle Staff.

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