Paralyzing Post Box
Paralyzing Post Box.jpg


Jasper Crossing Post Office


United States Post Box





Collected by

Myka Bering, Warehouse 13


Trap Aisle





An unassuming dark blue United States post box with paint chipped at the edges. The item itself is empty.

Agents were called to the town of Jasper Crossing, Arizona after they intercepted multiple phone calls to the local police regarding 'frozen people' in the streets. Originally it was thought to be a performance by the local theater company, however soon most of the police and other civilians found themselves paralyzed as well. Several agents were sent to observe and collect. Only Myka Bering was able to approach without being paralyzed, allowing the artifact to be filled with Goo and neutralized.  

Activation seems to be proximity within a hundred feet of the post box. This made transportation back to the Warehouse difficult as there were cases of civilians simply walking by the transport experiencing temporary paralysis.


Seizes motor functions of organisms meeting an unknown criteria  Paralyzed victims are still able to move their eyes and achieve limited speech. Testing suggests that approximately sixteen percent of agents who approach the artifact remain unaffected.

Age, gender, race, height, weight, blood type, eye color, clothing, home town, diet, heart rate and socioeconomic standing were all considered and proven to have no correlation to an individual's vulnerability to the artifact.


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