Original Just Dance Neon Gloves
Everybody dance now!


Just Dance


Neon gloves


Causes wearer and surrounding people to spontaneously dance when certain songs are played.


If the songs aren't stopped, the user and other victims will dance to death.


Wearing the glove(s) when a song featured in the Just Dance series is played

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Date of Collection



2009: Ubisoft headquarters[edit | edit source]

These gloves were extensively used during the motion capture for the two Just Dance games, but their connection to the series became everlasting. Adopting the fun-loving times that the play testers had during the first two games, the gloves made anyone wearing them start dancing when ever a song from any of the Just Dance games could be heard, increasing it's playlist with each new game and DLC

Today: Australia[edit | edit source]

Knowing that his sister dealt with, 'Unusual Items', Joseph Nola contacted his sister after several dozen seemingly unconnected flash mobs began popping up.  Consultants Nola and Tyler were sent back down under to investigate.

It was Tyler who was able to connect the rather unusual song choices being played for each flash mob (Le Freak, U Can't Touch This, Hot Stuff, and Jai Ho!) to the game Just Dance.  While they were able to apprehend the artifact user, they managed to escape during a 'Hold my Hand' routine of 'Everybody Needs Somebody'.

During a musically-enhanced chance to 'Cotton-Eye Joe', they were able to get them once again and neutralize the gloves.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0507 'The Sound Of Music'[edit | edit source]

Power Limit[edit | edit source]

After a rather...interesting reveal of the songs from Just Dance 2015 as well as the Just Dance Now App, the gloves lost connection with the series, leaving the 250+ songs still connected with the gloves.  Consultant Lepido theorizes that it was the jump off the deep end they took with the 'I Need A Hero' routine and 'Tetris' that may have weakened the connection.

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