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"Old Bone"
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Necahual (original name)
"Old Bone" (nickname)




Active, undead

Index Number



Guardian of Origin Circle

Previous Occupation

Mayan Warrior, Agent of Mayan Branch

Area of Expertise

Protection of powerful artifacts


Necahual, currently known as Old Bone, was a Mayan warrior who served the Mayan Warehouse Branch prior to Warehouse 13. He is now an undead being who guards the Origin Circle.

Life Before the Warehouse

Not much is recorded about Old Bone's early life, and he has not disclosed much. The best guess is that he was born sometime between 800 and 810 AD, and he served as a warrior prior to joining the Warehouse.

When the US and Guatemalan governments collaborated to declare the region off limits, - the Death Lord quartet, Gemstone Amplifying Quartz, and the Masquerade Chrysoprase Pendant.

Life With the Mayan Branch

Necahual was recruited on September 6, 834 AD (Mayan Long Date During this time, the Branch was more focused on protecting the artifacts within as opposed to collecting artifacts or stopping the threat of Xibalba. Necahual, young and overconfident, wanted to stop the threat. To prove his mettle, he went out and managed to single-handedly collect ten artifacts.

Thinking he was prepared and even more cocky from his easy victories, he went into Xibalba and attempted to stop the Lords. However, this failed tremendously; he was captured, tortured, and eventually killed. However, courtesy of Ah Puch's Mask, he was brought back to life.

Kicked out of Xibalba, he returned to the Warehouse for help. However, the Caretaker at the time, Hai, chastised him for his reckless actions. Although she did make an attempt to help him, there was nothing she could do. He decided to patrol the area and prevent as many people as he could from entering Xibalba as well as protecting the Warehouse.

Centuries later, in 1520, the Spanish Invaders encountered Xibalba. Due to their attacks, Old Bone focused on trying to stop them as best as he could, despite their efforts to stop Xibalba. For three years, he managed to thwart many of their efforts, but eventually they managed to successfully invade and defeat Xibalba. Days later, they captured an Agent from the Warehouse and invaded, managing to successfully steal hundreds of artifacts within.

Old Bone, wishing to save some of the artifacts, managed to steal from the Spaniards the Masquerade Chrysoprase Pendant. This allowed him to then disguise himself as one of them and steal several more artifacts, including the Ah Puch Mask. Once they left, he returned the few artifacts he retrieved back to the Warehouse for safekeeping.

Joining Warehouse 13

For many centuries, Old Bone was alone. Few people came around after that, and Xibalba produced figments to try to lure them in. He made it his mission to stop this from happening further.

In October 1961, Old Bone saved a group from attack by Xibalba. What he didn't expect, however, is that they would find the entrance to the Warehouse. Not only that, but the safety feature that was supposed to keep the unworthy from entering the Warehouse did not activate. Frustrated but curious, he followed the lead female inside.

Seeing her attempt to steal the artifacts he had fought to protect, he attacked the woman. She proved to be a surprisingly formidable fighter, however, and managed to immobilize him by severing his spine. Forced into defeat, he was helpless to stop her from taking the artifacts and files out of the area. However, Old Bone recovered quickly and used the Masquerade Pendant and the Gemstone Amplifying Quartz to follow them onto a cargo ship, following his connection to Ah Puch's Mask.

Having learned to bide his time, he boarded the ship and traveled to a strange land with new things he had never seen before. He followed the woman to a small town called Univille, where he watched her enter a building. Keeping his disguise up, he waited until nightfall and attempted to attack her. Once again, however, she beat him back and out a window, forcing him to retreat. Changing tactics, he removed his disguise and waited in the kitchen for morning.

When morning arrived, the woman and a man came down. He attempted to communicate in Mayan to return the Mask to him, and even offered his artifact gems in exchange for the Mask, but neither of them appeared to understand. Trying the only other language he knew, taught to him by the Warehouse, he spoke in Latin. Thankfully, the two seemed to recognize the language, and the woman sat down with him and talked to him.

After much discussion, Old Bone learned that this woman worked for the Warehouse, the one that apparently was the "Warehouse 3" that his had originated from. However, this one had moved a lot and was now called "Warehouse 13". She informed him that the Warehouse would not fall so easily, as it had survived many centuries of conflicts from many enemies, and had developed many new measures to ensure safety. However, seeing as he had nowhere else to go, she gave him the opportunity, after being interviewed by the Regents, to join the Warehouse as a protector for the artifacts.

Upon arriving at (CLASSIFIED), the Regents began interviewing Necahual using a translation artifact, before deciding to set him to protect the entire mythology and religion section, the Origin Circle. Over the course of his new position, several agents have managed to teach him to speak Spanish, with moderate success. Attempts to teach him English have had much less success, though he is able to speak fifty words. However, his most comfortable languages are Latin and Spanish (and Mayan, though he never uses it since no one speaks it).


Old Bone is a generally nice entity, behaving like a typical Mexican adult who... happens to be an undead Mayan zombie. However, when Origin Circle is attacked, Old Bone promptly reminds the attacker that he is still a Mayan warrior.

Artifact usage


  • Death resistance/Undeath - can only be killed if torn apart. And even then getting all his parts together will repair him.
  • Mayan Ball champ - Expert skills in playing the famous Mayan ball game. In his off hours, Old Bone can be observed with a ball, juggling it much like a soccer player would.
  • Warrior - Is a skilled Mayan soldier, wielding a maquahuitl-a flat wooden “club” with obsidian chips embedded into the edges. In the modern day, this weapon is infused with Neutralizer.


The following two interviews were recorded for the records. The first is the conversation between Old Bone and Regent Amelia Jones, and the second interview is before the Regent Council to determine what to do with him. Both interviews have been translated to English.

Conversation at B&B

  • Regent Jones (Jones): Who are you?
  • Old Bone (Bone): My name is Necahual. I have been guarding these artifacts since the Caretaker first hired me.
  • Jones: Caretaker? ...Do you mean the Caretaker of Warehouse 3?
  • Bone: -Bone shakes his head in denial- No. I have never met staff of the true Warehouse, though all Agents of the Maya Branch were taught what to do if such a thing happened. My Caretaker was a woman, her name was Hai.
  • Jones: -appears thoughtful- I see. How did... -she gestures at Bone- ... that happen?
  • Bone: Hubris. Hubris and Ah Puch. I believed that we were doing nothing to fight against Xibalba, ever-hungry as it was as it acquired more Lords, so I went alone to fight. I lost, and they used the mask to make me like this before throwing me out. In penance I became a guardian of that place, to keep more from falling victim.
  • Jones: I see. -Jones turns to the Agent translating- Bring me the box containing the Mask. -Back to Bone- I will return to you the mask, if you can promise to remain here? I need to contact my superiors - the other Regents.
  • Bone: Yes. Why?
  • Jones: I believe they will be curious about this Warehouse. You will be able to help us, if that is okay.
  • Bone: Yes.
  • Jones: Perfect. I will let you know when we meet.

Regent Interview

  • Head Regent Patricia Sinclair (Sinclair): I bring this meeting of the Regents to order. I presume everyone is ready? -Nodding of all participants- Good. For the first item on today's agenda, we have someone whom we need to talk to. Regent Jones, would you care to elaborate for us?
  • Regent Amelia Jones (Jones): Of course. As you all are aware, I have recently returned from an expedition to Guatemala. While I was there, I came across a strange building with Roman architecture. Upon entering and exploring a bit, it seems to be connected to Warehouse 3 in some way. There are many records, though almost everything else appears to have been plundered. While collecting the few artifacts that remained, I encountered an undead Mayan soldier, who managed to follow me all the way back here. He seems to have a connection to a Mask. And he also appears to have knowledge of the Warehouse.
  • Regent Watson Terrell (Terrell): Is it not possible that he infiltrated the building after it was abandoned?
  • Jones: He used terminology that would only be used by someone familiar with the Warehouse. I believe he had some connection to this place.
  • Sinclair: Then we shall ask him, and determine how to proceed. Bring him in. -Old Bone is brought in and sits down. Translation artifact is activated.- Thank you for joining us. Would you please tell us your name and what you do?
  • Old Bone (Bone): My name is Necahual. I serve as a guardian for the Mayan Warehouse.
  • Sinclair: Are you familiar with the history of this place? When it was founded, and by whom?
  • Bone: I am unfamiliar with your time. But it was founded many centuries ago, by two Agents of Warehouse 3. Twins whose last name was Sepurcius. It was founded by people who claim to be from Rome, across the ocean. They said their Caretaker was a man named Lucius Tatius Rufus Felix.
  • Sinclair: Regent Smalls, you are familiar with Warehouse 3. Do those names mean anything to you?
  • Regent Lincoln Smalls (Smalls): Caretaker Felix was the third Caretaker of Warehouse 3. If memory serves, there were two Agents at the time who were part of a Roman expedition to explore across the ocean. That expedition failed to return, and the Agents were presumed deceased. The name Sepurcius sounds familiar, but I would have to confirm whether those were the Agents on that assignment.
  • Sinclair: What role did you serve in this place, Necahual?
  • Bone: I was hired as an Agent for the Warehouse. I was hired by Caretaker Hai, and I was meant to protect the Warehouse from harm. Unfortunately, I did not succeed while I was still alive.
  • Regent Hailey Leon (Leon): What was your cause of death? And why were you still there when Regent Jones arrived?
  • Bone: I was killed by an artifact - the Mask of Ah Puch. I had attempted to stop Xibalba from causing more death. The Warehouse was not doing anything, and I took matters into my own hands to try to stop things. I failed, and was killed by the Lords. I was brought back to life by the artifact, and I decided, along with Caretaker Hai, to maintain a role to protect the Warehouse from harm.
  • Jones: But it appears that the Warehouse was raided. Can you tell us what happened?
  • Bone: A few centuries ago, strange people invaded. I believe they were from a land called Spain. They attacked my people - the Mayans. They also managed to invade Xibalba and do what I could not. Afterwards, they captured an Agent and forced them to show them the entrance. They then proceeded to raid the Warehouse of the artifacts we spent so long collecting.
  • Leon: The Spanish Conquest. That would explain how some of the artifacts from the ancient Americas made their way to Europe and Asia.
  • Jones: Did you collect the few artifacts left after that, then?
  • Bone: No, I stole them back from the Spanish. My pendant, a gift from Hai, allowed me to disguise myself as one of them. I managed to recover a few and, once they left, placed them back into the Warehouse.
  • Sinclair: What have you been doing in the past few centuries, then? From what Regent Jones has told us, the Warehouse appears to have been abandoned.
  • Bone: Yes, no one returned. I believe they were all killed. I kept my promise, though. I continued to guard the few remaining artifacts, as well as fight against Xibalba.
  • Regent Keira Elliston (Elliston): Didn't you say that they stopped Xibalba? What were you fighting against?
  • Bone: Xibalba was defeated, yes. But that is a place of evil - Hell in our world, and incredibly intelligent. It wishes to reactivate, and draw people in. It creates figments when it senses people nearby, attempting to draw them in. It's usually through creating an image of someone in distress, trying to draw people to its entrance. I fight against those images in order to stop them.
  • Jones: I can confirm. Before I first saw Necahual, my group encountered a young girl who appeared to be in distress. When we tried to follow her, that is when he appeared, fighting against the girl. She seemed to really have it out for him when he attacked.
  • Bone: Yes. Xibalba and I do not get along.
  • Sinclair: Let me ask you. Now that we have collected your artifacts for storage at our Warehouse, what is it you want to do?
  • Bone: I would like to keep the Mask and return to my post. I wish to make sure no one else enters Xibalba.
  • Sinclair: You will not have to worry about that. We have made contact with the Guatemalan government. They have control over the area, and have set up precautions to make sure no one goes near the area.
  • Bone: ......
  • Sinclair: If you would like, I think we could use you at the Warehouse in the present. We could offer you a position as a guardian for the Origin Circle. It is a massive area where many old artifacts are kept, including those of the Mayans. You wouldn't be able to leave the Warehouse, but you can stay on, if you would like.
  • Smalls: I object. No offense to you, Mister Necahual, but you are a skeleton. And I don't trust you.
  • Ellison: I disagree. I think he has been isolated for far too long. He has served his Warehouse faithfully, even centuries after it was abandoned. We could always use someone who has that much loyalty.
  • Jones: I concur with Regent Ellison. If Necahual agrees, I believe he should be hired as part of the Warehouse crew of the present.
  • Leon: Mister Necahual, let me ask you a question. Do you still believe in protecting artifacts?
  • Bone: Yes, I do. I have seen firsthand what artifacts can do in the wrong hands. I wish to make sure that they are protected. If you will have me, then I will join your Warehouse.
  • Sinclair: Then let us decide. Is everyone ready to vote, or is there a wish for further debate? ...Fine. All those in favor of hiring Necahual to the Warehouse, raise your hands. ......... And all those opposed? ......... Alright. By a vote of 10-3, Necahual, you are officially hired to the Warehouse. The objections of Regent Smalls have been noted. Regent Jones, after we have finished with our business, you will introduce to Mister Necahual to the Warehouse Staff.
  • Jones: Understood.
  • Bone: I thank you for your time.


  • "Necahual" is a word of the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs that means "left behind" or "survivor".
    • Old Bone got his nickname from Regent Jones. Though she initially used it in a teasing manner, he eventually grew to not mind the nickname, and is alright with Agents calling him by it.
  • Old Bone is inspired by the Mayan Thrall, one of the undead enemies in the game Tomb Raider Underworld.
  • He has a grudge against professor Felix Draco, due to having been temporarily deactivated by him.
  • Thanks to a mishap on Agent Calecer's part, Old Bone seems to have grown fond of a grass skirt uniform, which other agents do their best to avoid seeing, mainly due to the fact that underwear seems to be a foreign concept to the corpse.
    • Every time Agent Taylor thinks he has burned every copy of the outfit, Bone manages to find another closet full.
  • Has a plot reserved for his use in the Graveyard, which he typically uses in an attempt to scare new agents.