New York City Fireman Boots




Fireman Boots


Increases bravery of wearer ten-fold


Causes death in 102 minutes



Collected by

Felix Draco


Tragedy Annex





Date of Collection

February 19, 2012


Origin[edit | edit source]

It took 102 minutes from the time the first plane struck the World Trade Center to the time the second tower fell. When the towers fell, it killed many firemen who had gone into the towers to save the people trapped on the upper floors. These boots absorbed the bravery of their wearer and his death.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The Boots increase the wearer's bravery ten-fold, allowing the wearer to do brave-but usually reckless-acts of bravado to save other people. After 102 minutes, the wearer dies as if an entire building of steel girders and concrete blocks fell onto them from a height and crushed their body.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was collected by Agent Felix Draco in mid-February 2012 after reports in Montana that a man-who was usually very cowardly-was rescuing people trapped in the mountains and died 102 minutes later as if a huge amount of steel and concrete had fallen onto him. When Felix got there, he noticed the man was wearing fireman boots. The man's friend told Felix that the victim acquired them at a garage sale in New York the previous week and decided to try them on when the call went out. Felix collected the Boots and took them back to the Warehouse. They are placed with other artifacts created on 9/11.

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