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"Peter Pan was created to hide the true horror of Neverland... Trust me, Pete, you never want to see it."
- Agent Arthur Nielsen


Isolated island


Unknown; Temperate location?


Human Evolved Species (Fae); humans


Cursed island with low survival rates
Aging is slowed by one-third the normal rate




First recorded pre-1500s; first Warehouse interaction in 1886


A very cursed Artifact Exclusion Zone.


Neverland, the home of the famous Peter Pan, was first mentioned along with Peter Pan himself in 1904, though it wasn't officially dubbed "Never Land" until 1928. In the original play and novel, there are only a small handful of areas on the island, though different versions of Peter Pan have included other areas. However, the basic premise of it being an island is consistent.

The exact situation of Neverland is ambiguous and vague. In Barrie's original tale, the name for the real world is the Mainland (suggesting Neverland is a small island) reached by flight. Peter—who is described as saying "anything that came into his head"—tells Wendy the way to Neverland is "second to the right, and straight on till morning." In the novel, the children are said to have found the island only because it was "out looking for them." He also wrote that Neverland is near the "stars of the milky way" is reached "always at the time of sunrise."


This AEZ slows the aging down to one-third the normal rate. However, this slow growth to allow the ideal of "never growing up" comes at a severe detriment to those who come to Neverland. While the island itself appears to be a wonderful place at first sight, the location is filled with extremely dangerous beasts and shadow creatures which actively hunt anyone who comes to the island. Dark dreams and nightmares come to life in most areas of Neverland, providing no opportunity to rest as victims fight their fears to survive.

The island seems to offer its victims an initial reprieve of approximately two days prior to beginning to terrorize the new arrivals. The AEZ seems to fuel itself off of its victims' fears, creating monsters and shadows which stalk, maul, and curse their prey at every turn. The types of monsters and shadows the user finds depends on the area, and new monsters and shadows will form based on the fears of each particular victim.


It is unclear precisely when this AEZ first came to be. The first Warehouse record of this was sometime prior to the 1500s, when reports of a doll that looked like a "mythical fairy" entered into the records of Warehouse 8. According to the reports, the doll was responsible for children disappearing, for them to never return. Despite attempts to find the artifact, Agents at the time were unable to track it down. Over the centuries that followed, reports of children disappearing across the European continent reached the Warehouse, totaling at least 300 suspected cases. Unfortunately, Agents were never close enough to catch up with the suspected artifact.

Finally, in April 1886, two Agents were able to get to the artifact. Agents Ashby Hayden and Clifton Poole got assigned to missing children's cases located in Wolverhampton, and after a few days they were able to track down a child who now owned the doll. However, before they were able to neutralize the doll, the child activated the artifact, which the Agents found out had a short proximity range. Caught up in the effects, they awoke in the middle of a forest, where several of the recently missing children were. Unfortunately, the artifact responsible for their disappearance was not with them.

From the diary of Agent Clifton Poole: April 23, 1886 "We walked around and searched the forest, attempting to find the artifact responsible for our transportation. Unfortunately, there appeared to be no sign. Most of the missing children from Wolverhampton are here; however, two of the children are not here. According to the other children, these two were here about a day prior to their arrival, and they have not been seen since this morning. Ashby seems to feel that something is amiss here, and I don't disagree. Despite this place seeming to be a paradise, I think we should be very cautious.

Sure enough, the Warehouse Agents' guts were correct. Two days later, the Agents discovered the horror that awaited them. Vicious shadows attacked them, but they were able to save one of the children, whose name was Peter. Unfortunately, things did not get easier for the Agents.

From the Diary of Agent Clifton Poole: May 13, 1886 "This place is absolutely horrifying, but Ashby and I have been handling ourselves just fine. Although our guns have proven almost pointless against these shadow creatures, we have found that keeping a positive attitude seems to keep them mostly at bay. The child, Peter, has gone through a lot of trauma, but he has somehow managed to maintain the most positivity of all of us. With any luck, perhaps we'll find a way home yet. Though I admit, I fear that we may never get home before we're killed.

The three were able to survive for several months by staying constantly on the move, their luck ran out on July 30. Agent Ashby Hayden was killed by a shadow while trying to escape with Agent Poole and Peter...

(To Be Finished)


It is unclear where exactly Neverland is located in the world, as it can be accessed from anywhere with the Neverland Fairy Doll. However, based on when the Warehouse last interacted with the AEZ and the weather in the world at that time, it is likely that the island is either located in the Mediterranean or in one of the major oceans.


*Village of the Seelie: A village of evolved humans (similar in appearance to the Fae of Avalon), and one of the only places in Neverland where the evils are repelled by. They have a history of attempting to help the children who are trapped in Neverland survive and are considered friendly enough to those who require their assistance. (Current Population: 543)

*Captain Hook's Ship: A large wooden ship with the handful of children who survived the harsh terrors of Neverland. Most of the survivors have reached the appearance of late teens, and they are known for their overall harsh perspective, only allowing those who have survived Neverland for several years to join their ship. The ship is filled with a large number of artifacts used to help keep the people on the ship alive. (Current Population: 83)

*Neverwood: The location where those who activate the Doll end up first. A thick forest which offers plenty of sun and food, at least to start. Upon the completion of the victim's "initiation", the forest grows extremely dangerous, and spawns countless shadows and nightmares. Food becomes scarce, and the trees seem to become thicker to block out the sun.

*Mermaid's Lagoon: A location where not only mermaids, but other terrifying creatures lurk beneath the waters. The mermaids are both male and female, and the gender that appears to the user appear to align with whatever the user finds most attractive. During the day, they attempt to lure their victims into the water with their beauty and personality, while visiting at night they become more erotic in their luring. Regardless, once their victims get into the water with them, they strike, dragging them into the water, where they are revealed to be shadows. In the depths, various sea monsters rip victims apart rapidly quickly.

*Marooner's Rock:

Artifact(s) Within

All of the confirmed artifacts are located upon Captain Hook's ship and are used in helping to keep its occupants alive.

At least three artifacts which assist in resisting and calming fear

*Two self-firing cannons

*Two protection artifacts

*A set of weapon artifacts which help destroy things the wielders fear

*A statue of a Harpyia which allows for powerful whirlwinds; used for controlled flights


*According to the Seelie, this island has a real location somewhere on the globe, and it simply cannot be reached most of the time without the use of the Doll.

*Several Agents of Warehouse 13 have pitched rescue plans to attempt to get all of The Lost out of the AEZ. However, due to the difficulties of exiting the AEZ, the Regents have expressly rejected all proposals.