Nathaniel Rose
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Nathaniel Hawken Rose




Warehouse 12 Archivist and Agent

Previous Occupation

Writer and Library owner

Area of Expertise

Teleportation Artifacts and Ressurection Artifacts


Breaking, Entering and Robbery: London, EnglandEdit

Now named Nathaniel Rose, he broke into Warehouse 12. It received him well, smelling like vodka, wine Alexei liked and snow. The Warehouse showed him exactly where his artifact was located, he took it and ran.

Library: London, EnglandEdit

A couple of years later, he became a published writer and owner of the world’s biggest library. All the people in London were welcome to read the books, so when Warehouse agents searched for information on historical figures, they would ask Nate about it. On the second time the agents appeared, Nate slipped a note in the book they took. A note that read: “I know about the Warehouse” He then became the Archivist at Warehouse 12, being visited every mission for advice and information. He still did not age.

Work as an Agent, Part One: London, EnglandEdit

At one time the number of active agents at the Warehouse was dangerously low, so Nathan volunteered to work until they hired more people.

William: London, EnglandEdit

One day he woke up and his age had reverted to 22, which was his age when he had first met Alexei. Weird, he thought. Nonetheless, he got up and went to open his library. That same day, at half-past noon, he was greeted by the Warehouse 12 Artie and a new agent. Agent William Harrison. After explaining his condition (as well as he could) he helped they track down Alice’s Crown, which had disappeared from the Warehouse. After developing a friendship with the new agent, in a raining summer day, they kissed. The moment their lips met was the moment it started snowing. The moment their lips met was the moment Nate started aging again.

One day, Nate told his lover the whole truth. About Russia, Warehouse 11, Alexei and the robbing of Warehouse 12. William asked for the locket, which he received. He took away Nate’s picture and put his own inside, saying “Now we both will look out for you.”.

Death: Dublin, IrelandEdit

But working at the Warehouse has its price. In this case, William’s life. It was summer again, raining in its earnest. Nathan didn’t hear from anyone, he felt his heart die. The library had not been opened yet, so he slipped inside and walked to the corridor where he first met Will. His tears flew as fast as the rain outside and with a last sob, it snowed. Nathaniel shut down everything, gave his library to the Warehouse (keeping only a few books), packed his things and went to his lover’s resting place. He lived in Ireland until 1910, when he left for America.

Main Artifacts in Possesion of the AgentEdit

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