Nangklao’s Money Purse


Nangklao, Rama III




Allows the user to ascend to power in an unusual manner and negotiate well with foreign powers. Increased spirituality.


Will take private citizens money when state emergencies occur.


Placing money inside it

Collected by

Grange, Madison







Date of Collection

July 9, 1945


Origin[edit | edit source]

Nangklao, also known as Rama III, was the third monarch of Siam. His ascension was odd, as he was the son of a concubine instead of a queen. Some viewed his rise as usurping the legitimate claim of the previous king, Mongkut. However, he was made king because his ascension agreed with an original Buddhist following, that the people elect a proper king. During his reign, he successfully ended several wars involving Siam and smoothed over its relationships with western powers. He was very religious, adhering to his Buddhist faith by feeding the poor, releasing animals and building temples on a regular basis. Nangklao also kept profits from his business ventures in a red purse by his bedside. He instructed that the money could only be used for state issues. His reigning nephew Chulalongkorn later used some of that money to pay France.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was originally found by Subhas Chandra Bose and was in his cache of artifacts. It was collected by agent Madison Grange on July 9th, 1945.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The user can become a political, business or spiritual leader with the support of the people. The exact way they get there will have a few unusual events. But when in power, they can effectively regulate spending and negotiate with similar leaders. Increased spirituality can also occur, with the user adopting principles of a different lifestyle. The purse is sensitive to national issues, especially with security and diplomacy. It can bring forward vast sums of money to quell precarious issues. However, all the money generated is the actual savings of private citizens, including the user.

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