Muddy Station Wagon
Muddy Station Wago.jpg




Organic Life


Kills people


Constantly active/Touch

Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agents Torres and Bering





Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]


Effects[edit | edit source]

Kills people. Anyone who touches it becomes stuck and will slowly be pulled in. Direct sunlight neutralizes it

Collection[edit | edit source]

Agents Torres and Bering are called out to the scene of an abandoned car on the Maine Turnpike, Mile 81. They discover a muddy station wagon a good distance away there’s an abandoned Prius, a truck with a horse trailer attached and a minivan all empty. As they approach three children come out of the abandon stores at the rest area. Myka tends to them learning that one has a magnifying glass that he used to subdue the car. Not dismissing anything she gives the glass to Jake who inspects the car. As he stands at the open door he notices a few cracked phones and a wedding ring. He almost touches the car but something feels off, the faint whiff of fudge. Stepping back he noticed that the tire seems to melt and slither out to him. Using the magnifying glass to hit the car with sunlight it reverted. Using the purple gloves he discovers he can touch it after using the sun, it feels both solid and not. Like old jello, flexible yet not. Jake also made note that it feels tacky, like almost dried glue. Covering the car with Harriet Powers’ Quilt recreated enough sunlight to keep it in a stable form long enough for the agents to get the vehicle back to the Warehouse where a special containment shed was built with special light bulbs to keep the car neutralized. Before letting it rest Agent Torres attempted to test the goo on the car. Much like the sunlight the goo seemed to solidify it as well.

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