Movie Projector from the Berlin Wintergarten Theatre
Magic lantern 3


The Berlin Wintergarten Theatre


Movie Projector, circa late 1880s


Will project any movie.




Removing the cap, pointing at a screen, and giving the name of a movie.

Collected by

Warehouse 12

Date of Collection



This movie projector was used at the Berlin Wintergarten Theatre during i's first days of showing movies. The projector can play any movie ever made. No downsides have been found. It is often used for movie nights among Warehouse agents.


The Berlin Wintergarten theatre was a large variety theatre in Berlin-Mitte that opened in 1887 and was destroyed by bombs in June 1944. The name was taken on by a theatre in Potsdamer Strasse in 1992.

The Skladanowsky brothers showcased the first short movie presentation ever at the theatre in 1895, making it the first movie theater in history.

Effect and ActivationEdit

First, the user must remove the lense cap and point the projector at a screen. A wall will also do. Second, the user must tell the projector the name of a film and its director or year of relase. The projector should turn on after a few minutes and it will play the movie in high quality. Movies featuring explosions tend to startle it, and it may 'jump' these frames.

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