Mouse-sized Skateboard
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Small skateboard


Attracts mice and enables them to perform skateboarding tricks.


Mice become addicted to skateboarding and become aggressive if the board is removed.


Being ridden by mice


Out and About List


A mouse-sized skateboard of unknown origin. While the true origin is unknown, some studies have shown that mice can learn to skateboard, and it is believed that this artifact may have been created as a result of one of these experiments.

Properties[edit | edit source]

The Board has the ability to attract mice, but only in a small radius. The mice are able to skateboard with great skill and perform tricks. However, excessive use causes the mice to become addicted to the board, causing aggressive behavior if anyone removes the board.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The Board's current location is unknown, but because the effects are more mild and less serious than the majority of artifacts, the Warehouse is not focusing on tracking this artifact down until such time as it begins to cause serious problems or it is come across by accident.

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