The Escafil Device
Escafil Device


Animorphs fandom




Grants ability to become any animal


Time Limit


Physical Contact

Collected by

Agents Aden Taylor and Garret Scott




Book fandom



The Blue Box, Morphing Cube, or Escafil Device is the iconic symbol of the fandom, aside from the unique A symbol. Inbued with the collective emotions of the fandom, it gaind the abilities of its canon counterpart


After being in contact with a person who has or has had the ability to transform into an animal, such as Agents Taylor or Melinoe, the cube activates. Anyone who touches it afterward will be granted a permanent ability to acquire DNA from any member of kingdom Animalia (any animal, including another human), and then morph into that being and back to their natural state at will.

However, the animal's instincts will be strong the first time, occasionaly overwhelming the morpher temporarily until they can focus on their sanity. Also, remaining in this alternate form for longer than two hours will cause the form change to become completely permanent, and reapplication of the cube in an attempt to reverse it will have no effect.

Attempts to aqcuire DNA from an Ascendere has resulted in pain on both parties, as opposed to the usual "morphing trance", where the acquiree calms into a docile state as DNA is extracted by the acquirer. The prominent theory of why this happens is that since a divine entity's true form (where the entirety of their essence is in one place) can obliterate or blind mortal bodies, mortals that aren't demigods simply cannot handle that amount of power under normal circumstances.

The pain is believed to be due partly to the extracted DNA strand undergoing self-immolation. It is also theorized that actually succeeding in morphing an Ascendere would first incinerate the morpher's body as normal cells are transformed into divine ones, therefore destroying both the original body and the acquired DNA. With all original DNA having been burnt out, there would be no way to turn back.


The cube was collected by agents Aden Taylor and Garret Scott. It was later used by Agent Garret in his battle against Scott.

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