Moriz Gottschalk's Fairy-Castle Dollhouse


Moriz Gottschalk


Castle Dollhouse


Causes vivid hallucinations


Causes desensitization to reality


Touch/Lowering Drawbridge

Collected by

Warehouse 12


Trap Aisle

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Origin[edit | edit source]

Moriz Gottschalk was an architect and toymaker famed for his dollhouses. The architectural styles of each period were transferred to the miniature houses, often pasted with lithographic paper to imitate the facades of the time. The designers' inventiveness was unlimited: abundantly decorated, huge and luxurious dolls mansions, but also the small cottage, an elevator lift, pull-out or hinged gardens, electric lighting, moveable awnings and other detailed amenities. The rooms ranged from simple kitchen, baths and bedrooms to sprawling stables, markets, theaters and more.

This artifact is kept ready as a means of eliminating agent Claudia Donovan in a humane way, shrinking her down to more fully immerse her into the false reality.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the castle drawbridge is lowered, the activator will begin to experience very vivid and realisting dreams and hallucinations regarding the hypothetical occupants of the castle. They may spend hours or days watching the non-existant figures going about their lives. This effect is very prominant in females, particularly children.

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