Mont Saint-Michel Abbey Bell
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The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel


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Activates the natural defenses of Mont Saint-Michel




Ringing the bells rapidly


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Mont Saint-Michel is an Island located at the mouth of the Couenson. The Island is home to an abbey which according to legend was founded after the Archangel Michael told St.Aubert to build an abbey on the island.

Being a tidal island, the town is protected by the waters of high tide and the quicksand of low tide. Because of its natural defenses the town have managed to repel Breton, Norman and English sieges throughout its history. Unknown to its residents, The bells of the abbey activates the natural defenses of the town.

Effects Edit

The Artifact only activates when it is rung rapidly (i.e during a siege). The effects depends on the tidal condition.

During high tide, The bell will create a strong gale around the island which makes the waters unsuitable for ships.

During Low tide, The bell creates quicksand around the island.

Status Edit

Being mostly dormant and harmless, the regents have agreed to let the abbey to keep the bell.

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