Model 1890
334x324 Victorinox 1891 Soldier
The Original Swiss Army Knife


The Paul Boéchat & Cie Company




Will absorb tools for future use


If not neutralized within a few hours, the knife will not spit out the latest absorbed tools


Placing tools next to the knife

Collected by

Jack Secord and Rebecca St. Claire







Date of Collection

June 24th, 1953



Swiss cutlery company Paul Boéchat & Cie was contracted by the Swiss military to produce multi-tool. It was to be used to open cans of food with the can-opener, assemble the Swiss service rifle with the screwdriver, as well as come with a blade and a reamer. It was designed to hold anything that a soldier might need in the field. It later earned the name Swiss Army Knife during WW2 due to the difficulty of calling it by its German name, the Offiziersmesser.


When placed near other tools, the Model 1890 will absorb other tools into itself for later use. If it is not neutralized soon after the absorption, the tools will become a permanent part of the Model 1890.


Collected after a car mechanic in Debuke found that 1. all the tools in his toolbox had disappeared, and 2. his hands had become multi-tools. With only a thought he could switch between necessary tools, however he could not revert back to normal hands. This was later found to be the Artifact Math effect of Galvarino's Knives working with the Model 1890.

Artifact MathEdit

When the Model 1890 absorbs Galvarino's Knives the user will find their hands changed into omni-tools. They will be able to change at will, but can't access their original hands.

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