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Raised under the elite class, Alfassa took a particular interest in the occult and spiritualism during travels to Algeria, Japan and India. Influenced by guru and revolutionary Sri Aurobindo's messages of spiritual evolution, she dedicated herself to his teachings. Aurobindo believed the world and its inhabitants evolved to take new forms, explaining the creation of matter, then life, and finally mind.

Alfassa founded a local ashram (monastery) to preach the beliefs of integral yoga to receptive students alongside Aurobindo. So respected was her efforts, pupils referred to her simply as "The Mother". Besides her duties towards maintaining the ashram, Alfassa also founded the town of Auroville. A social experiment without borders and regulation, citizens self -governed their own community. It was designed to be open for all peoples to live in equality, and to this day is still home to a very diverse set of nationalities.


Allows the user to achieve mental serenity, clearing their mind of all intrusive thoughts. With intensive meditation, the user's subsequent thoughts can directly affect matter around them. Simple, affirmative tasks such "move" or "organize" will be done calmly by all nearby objects, sometimes even people. More explosive requests such as "burst" or "crash" will cause everything in the vicinity to obey, usually with destructive results. Using to inflict damage will also reflect the same level of havoc back upon the user.

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