Minnie Pearl's Hat
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Minnie Pearl/ Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon




Cures wearer of breast cancer


Gives user a southern twang and a quirky sense of down-home humor


Wearing and shouting "Well Hooowdy!"

Collected by

Artie Nielsen and Claudia Donovan







Date of Collection

March 4th 2014


Origin[edit | edit source]

Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon was an actress/comedienne with a famous country persona. She performed at the Grand Ole Opry for fifty years, and on the tv show "Hee Haw!" for twenty two as "Minnie Pearl".

She was famous for her catchphrase "Well Hooowwwdeee!", which she would say before every performance. Her hillbilly anecdotes and country family stories entertained a nation of people.

She survived several bouts with breast cancer, having lived through radiation therapy and a double mastectomy. She later went on to become a spokesperson for breast cancer. When she was eighty-three she died of a stroke, and several breast cancer charities, including the Minnie Pearl Breast Cancer Foundation and the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, live on in her memory.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The hat is infused with a happy zest for life and the will to help women. When the wearer places the hat upon her head (it only works for women), and repeats Minnie Pearl's catchphrase, she will be completely cured of breast cancer, no matter what stage she is in. Even after the hat has been neutralized the wearer will remain healthy.

Side effects include talking with a country twang, developing a chipper sense of humor, and the urge to tell exaggerated down-home stories about friends and family.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Artie and Claudia picked this hat up at a Minnie Pearl memorial display at the National Museum of American History. It was extracted after the miraculous recovery of a breast cancer patient. As a last request the women wished to try on the hat of the famous entertainer. After her miraculous recovery, she began speaking in a southern accent, despite living in Vermont her entire life. The artifact was collected and neutralized, but the healing effect was thankfully irreversible. An exact replica has taken its place.

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