Mining Cart From the Benxihu Colliery Accident


Benxihu Colliery Mining Accident


Coal Mining Cart


Allows riders to escape to anywhere


User will become covered in coal dust


Riding and focusing on a destination

Collected by

Jack Secord and Rebecca St. Claire



Date of Collection

January 8th, 1958



The Benxihu Colliery Mining Accident is considered the most deadly mining accident in history. The mine was originally co-operated by Japanese and Chinese mining operations. After the Japanese takeover during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese government forced many captured Chinese soldiers to toil in the mines under terrible conditions. On April 26, 1942, a coal-dust explosion caused the mine to catch fire. In an attempt to seal off the fire, Japanese officials sealed all of the ventilation shafts and the mine's entrance. Those not killed by the explosion slowly suffocated to death from carbon-monoxide poisoning. It is estimated that around 1,549 people died that day, only 31 being identified as Japanese.


The cart was imbued with the miners' desperation to escape, giving it the ability to transport its riders anywhere they choose. While riding and thinking of a destination, a dark sooty tunnel will appear that leads to the targeted area. Those that ride in the cart will find themselves covered in coal dust from head to toe.


Jack and Rebecca found the artifact after a series of mysterious bank robberies. The vaults were unopened, the guards saw nothing, yet all of the money inside was taken with nothing but sooty footprints left behind. 

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