Mind-Refracting Chandelier


Ignatius D. MacCately


Glass Chandelier


Mind Refracting




Lighting, minor effects from contact

Collected by

Warehouse 13





Date of Collection

12th April, 1957


Origin[edit | edit source]

Exact origins are unclear. It was recovered from the parlor of Mr. Ignatius D. MacCately, a wealthy socialite. Mr. MacCately and his guests were found dead in his living room along with three emergency responders who were successfully rescued, though never fully recovered. Power to the building was cut once the artifact was identified and it was safely recovered with minimal collateral.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When light is shined though the glass prisms the artifact splits and refracts the consciousness of whoever looks at it. Through neutralizer-tinted glasses, one can observe various images and patterns swirling in the glass and light, though they are difficult to comprehend. if a victim is removed from the light then there is a possibility of recovery, though prolonged exposure allows the consciousness to spread and disconnect to a point where it may never recover. Touching a prism has similar although weaker effects with the victim suffering mild disorientation at most.

Gloves and goggles are recommended for interaction and exposure can be treated by remaining in a neutralization chamber for a minimum of two hours to allow the victims thoughts to realign.

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