Mike Jittlov's Wizard Robe
Wizard-2 3548
Mike Jittlov as "The Wizard"


Mike Jittlov


Green Silk Cloak


Causes the wearer to gain superpowers similar to those featured with the short.


The wearer is only able to possess powers while being filmed.



Collected by

Arthur Nielsen


The Clothing Rack





Date of Collection

June 15, 1988


Origin Edit

Mike Jittlov (1948-) is an American special effects artist, actor, and filmmaker known for various stop motion short films. In 1979, Jittlov produced a short, "The Wizard of Speed and Time", in which he played the character of "The Wizard" a man who goes around the world at super-sonic speeds. At the end of the short, Jittlov slips on a banana peel and the short transitions into a stop-motion music video set to John Massari's "I Am The Wizard of Speed and Time."

In 1988, Jittlov was given the chance to remake the short as a feature-length motion picture. The film focuses primarily the making of the original short, as well as Jittlov's trouble with a film executive's attempts to shut down the film's productions. During the production of the movie, Jittlov was able remake various sections of the original short, imbuing the cloak with Jittlov's knack for creating special effects. After the movie's premiere, Jittlov put the cloak away, intending to only bring it out for friends and family.

Acquisition Edit

Artie began receiving several pings from Jittlov's home in Los Angeles, after several of Jittlov's friends, who had tried on the cloak, claimed to have felt "just like one of Mike's movies." Artie then entered Jittlov's home during the night to avoid being sighted. Jittlov was, however, still awake during the time. After a brief confrontation and a blast from the Tesla, Artie was able to secure the cloak and return to the Warehouse.

Effects Edit

Upon wearing the cloak while somebody is filming them, the wearer gains various superpowers similar in fashion to the special effects performed by Jittlov in the original short. The effects cease when the camera the person is being filmed on stops rolling.

List of effects that have been observed:

  • Alteration of Time flow
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Photokinesis
  • Alteration of Physical state of matter.

Handling Edit

No precautionary measures to need when handling this artifact.

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