Meyer Lansky's Desk Fan
Meyer Lansky's Desk Fan.png


Meyer Lansky


Caged Desk Fan


Draws in and shreds classified information




Electrical activation

Collected by

Artie Nielsen


The Dark Vault


Podium 45

Date of Collection

May 16, 2004


Origin[edit | edit source]

Meyer Lansky, also known as "The Mob Accountant", was a prominent figure in the Jewish Mob and Mafia, considered one of the most powerful members of the US crime syndicate at his prime. Famed for his illegal gambling ring, he was also charged with tax evasion and was widely regarded as the best in the business when it came to numbers.

Despite many claims to illicit actiities, the most he could be charged with was illegal gambling and he died in his home in 1982. Rumours of over 300 million dollars in hidden bank accounts have yet to be verified.

The fan has appeared in the show several times, but was first named in "No Pain, No Gain"

Effects[edit | edit source]

When powered up and switched on, the fan starts a powerful vaccum vortex that draws in any information that could be considered 'classified'. Documents, files, pictures and even flash drives are subject to the pull. At least one human has been killed after it was revealed he was witholding information. The fan blades spin with enough force to grind metal to dust.

Because of the frequent electrical storms in the Warehouse, the fan is stored in the Dark Vault due to almost everything in the facility being some sort of 'classified', and therefore at risk in the event of accidental activation.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored on a podium specially designed to absorb and transfer elsewhere any electrical charges away from the Fan.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. If this artifact must be moved out of the Dark Vault for any length of time, store in a special neutralizer container lined with insulation to keep from activating accidentally.

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