McGuffey's Eclectic Readers


William Holmes McGuffey


Textbook set


Gives user instant understanding of American culture, language, and history


User may lose native language or accent



Collected by

Artie Nielsen and James Macpherson


The Library Section

Date of Collection

March 28th 1981



The American public school system first began in the mid-1800s in order to meet the demands of thousands of European immigrants and their children moving to America. Fearing too much European influence among the citizens, the "common schools" were started in order to "American-ize" the immigrant children. The first actual textbook intended for small children, the McGuffey Readers were widely used all over the country. They included lessons on spelling, reading, and math as well as American history, folklore, and Protestant scripture. Between the first publication in 1836 and 1960, over 120 million copies were sold. This placed the texts in the same incredible sales records as the Bible and Webster's Dictionary.


When read, the user will instantly gain knowledge of American history, language, and culture. The will be "American-ized". One possible drawback to this is that the user may lose knowledge of their native culture or language. This can be reversed by neutralizing the artifact.


Artie and James got the set at an antique book auction. Just by reading the front cover, James was "whammied". As the neutralizer bags had not been invented yet, and as they didn't have liquid neutralizer handy, James spoke like Clint Eastwood during the entire flight back to the Warehouse.

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