Mayan Calendar
Artie: "Their clocks... stopped."
Pete: "So what, they died?"
Artie: "They'll wish they had, in a hundred years or so."


Maya People


Stone Calendar


Traps people in an unknown location, 'stopping their clocks' which means they will not age but the outside world continues on without them.




Saying a prayer then touching specific place on stone face

Collected by

Arthur Nielsen, Jacob Torres, and Jennifer Lockhart





Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

As far as the Mayan Tribe went there were actually several types of Mayan Calendars. However, the artifact is considered a Long Count as it was said to depict the end of the world. The complete destruction of the Mayan people was mostly done by the European conquest however several leaders activated the Mayan Calendar hoping for salvation was rewarded with an inescapable prison.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Agent Lockhart recounted that in her prison she was in an office, not unlike Agent Nielsen's at Warehouse 13, where she was doing paperwork on collected artifacts. There was no way to tell that time wasn't moving and she didn't feel like she had been trapped anywhere. Thinking back on it, it felt like any other day. Agent Torres refused to disclose his time within the Calendar.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The Calendar was discovered by Agents Nielsen, Torres and Lockhart however while trying to figure out how to move the artifact back to the Warehouse it was activated. Agents Torres and Lockhart were doomed to be trapped but managed to prevent Agent Nielsen from joining them.

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