Max Schreck's Fake Teeth
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"No, I do not look like that when Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang starts playing" - Steven Jinks


Max Schreck


Fake Teeth


Turns the user into a folkloric vampire


Effects worsen when taken off


Placing in the mouth

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

March 14, 1967


Origin[edit | edit source]

Max Schreck played the role of Count Orlok in Nosferatu. Orlok was portrayed as a vampire from folklore to avoid similarities with Count Dracula. He was an undead corpse that carried disease, drank blood, slept in unhallowed infected earth and was vulnerable to sunlight. Schrek himself was noted to be a loner sort of person and have an eerie air around him. He enjoyed playing the more surreal roles and reported he lived in an in incorporeal world, spending long amounts of time walking through the forest.

Effects[edit | edit source]

A set of teeth that were used to configure the German actor into a monster, does the same to the user. Their skin will start to decay and resemble dead tissue. Although immune to most diseases and chemical agents, they are unable to expel any absorbed materials and act as a vessel to spread it. If anything, disease and sickness seems to increase the use’s strength and range of motion. Some folkloric deterrents such as sunlight can weaken them, but their effectiveness is not consistent with every person. The effects do not disappear even when the user removes the teeth.

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