Maurice Ward's Extruder
Open source plastic recycler


Maurice Ward

Year of Creation





Creates starlite


Currently Eureka

Collected by

Warehouse 13


October 14, 2013

Usage Period

2013 - Today



Maurice Ward’s claim to fame was the invention of Starlite, a material that would insulate extreme amounts of heat and protect whatever it coated. It was strong enough to keep an egg completely cool even when facing the direct flame of a blowtorch. However, Ward would not allow any organizations to conduct tests on the substance or let anyone beside himself have majority ownership of it, preventing commercialization. He died in 2011 without telling anyone the formula or process of how to make it and it appears that the formula is currently lost to time.

It was collected in 2013 and sent to Eureka for testing. They are still examining the substance’s composition to try and find a way to make mass quantities of it. As of 2018, they have reached an agreement to keep the extruder on Eurekan grounds as they free up more researchers to reverse engineer it more than Warehouse agents.


The starlite is completely heat resistant and will insulate and protect anything it coats or is integrated into. For that reason, it is currently being woven into the Warehouse fire suits and neutralizer gloves.

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