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Maui's Fishhook
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Volcanic activity resulting in landmass alterations


Can cause large eruptions


Touching earth


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Maui was a god who appeared in many Polynesian pantheons, including Hawaii. In their lore, he is regarded as the creator of the Hawaiian isles when he tricked his brothers into reeling up the ocean floor and forming each main island. His fishhook was venerated for being magically enchanted and able to catch anything, even though Maui was a terrible fisherman.


Creates and destroys landmasses by exciting volcanic activity in the crust. This will make the earth crack underneath and allow lava to ooze upwards, covering the land. Some spots that consist of harder bedrock or are blocking the flow will release the lava more naturally, eruption.

Collection History

The Regents came across a tale of its existence in 95 AD during Warehouse 3 but did not pursue it. The hook supposedly existed in either the vast uncharted oceans or desolate, undiscovered island chains on the other side of an unexplored world.

New legends appeared during Warehouse 8, but exploration was still unfeasible to even the few intercontinental travelers at the time. So the Regents informed Viking, Chinese, Arabic, Indian and African mariners of their vested interest in its acquisition. They miraculously recovered it in 1299 from one of their contacts. And then they lost it 9 years later.

Its location was unaccounted for five and a half centuries. In 1883, it finally appeared one last time. After doing a little minimal damage that is, causing the Indonesian island Krakatoa to violently erupt, sending out massive tsunamis and shockwaves. It’s thought that blast propelled the hook thousands of miles away to the islands of New Zealand. It landed in a thermal lake in the city of Rotorua and caused increased volcanic activity in the area. Mt. Tarawera, situated 24 kilometers away, erupted in 1886 when someone foolishly entered and disturbed the hook.

Far too deep to be reached by modern science and too risky even with artifacts, the Regents declared it uncollected but contained. They have placed the area on permanent watch and are prepared in case another tremor occurs and activates the hook. It’s better than a whole country accidently being detonated off the face of the earth.