Matteo Bandello's Cross
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Matteo Bandello/Arthur Brooke




Those in the area will fall in love with the first person they see


Said person will make them susceptible to suggestion. Dropping the cross and turning it upside down can cause great hatred towards the activator.


Holding or hanging on a wall

Collected by

Warehouse 9







Date of Collection




In the late fifteenth century, a man who would eventually come to influence a billion dollar industry and create pop-culture references that exist to this day, a Matteo Bandello, was born in Italy. Matteo Bandello was an Italian writer, solider, and monk, who is noted as being the educator of the famous Lucrezia Gonzaga, the two of them sharing a close relationship. But perhaps one of his most well known actions is his writing of the Novelle, a collection of Italian stories depicting contemporary tales as well as historical accounts. These would become the source of inspiration for many dramatists, including an Arthur Brooke, an English poet who lived in the sixteenth century. Brooke would write The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet in 1562, a translation in free verse of Bandello's original story...however, that is only the official, public version.

Truthfully, Arthur Brooke was Matteo Bandello, who had survived for decades using some sort of youth-related artifact (the details are incredibly difficult to make out), and who, similar to a certain James MacPherson centuries later, tried to overthrow the balance of power in the Warehouse to use the artifacts for himself after he was spurned by one of the Regents. He was last seen sailing away on Theseus' Ship in 1563, and it is a still-active but very little paid-attention to alert to keep an eye out for him. Despite his intentions towards the Warehouse, the cross, which was collected from him before he made his escape, absorbed Bandello's incredible romanticism, and became an artifact all of it's own.

This cross effected Disney editors and animators to create the film “Lady and the Tramp”.


Gripping the cross or hanging it on a wall will make whoever is nearby fall desperately in love with whomever they see first, making them susceptible to any suggestion made by the person to appease them. Turning the cross upside down or dropping it creates the opposite effect, making the person extremely disliked and a target of people's rage.

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