Mathias Zdarsky’s Ski Bindings


Mathias Zdarsky


Ski Bindings


Can glide effortlessly through snow


Generates its own snow when deprived


Attaching to the feet

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

March 25, 1978



Known as the father of Alpine skiing, Mathias Zdarsky altered sport skiing with his innovations. As one of the first fulltime Austrian ski instructors, Zdarsky had to adjust many traditional techniques to the steep Alp slopes.

First off, he created a new metal ski binding that hinged directly on to the ski and prevented slipping. He also used his prior knowledge in gymnastics to find the best way to pilot the slopes with a single pole, a style he continued even when two poles became popular. Zdarsky catered to nascent skiers with no experience, teaching them techniques they could handle with only a week of teaching. To drive home his point of control over speed, Zdarsky choose the steepest slaloms there were.

Many professionals, especially the Norwegians, viewed him with contempt for his odd and unfavorable changes to their sport. Neighbors meanwhile regarded him as a funny little inventor with a bit too much time on his hands. Zdarsky continued teaching and showed troops how to ski in preparation for the Great War, even after an avalanche buried him with multiple fractures.


Attaches directly onto any ski type or footwear, forming a phantom ski in its place. After pushing off with a pole, the user can glide seamlessly down snowy slopes without or struggle.

However, it does need to be in contact with snow to feel comfortable, as it just doesn’t feel complete riding on flat, barren dirt. So it sends up flurries of its own behind the user, leaving a snowy trail wherever they go. They are calmed by human interaction, and will jump around whenever they need to have a slide on the slopes.

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