Masquerade Chrysoprase Pendant






Personal Illusory Projectioning


Unstable in rain



Collected by

Cabrakan and Itzel (Mayan Branch)


The Display Case

Date of Collection (August 29, 438 AD)


A old pendant of unknown origin, likely created in the area that is present-day Brazil.

Origin Edit

Chrysoprase, also known as chalcedony, is an apple-green and slightly fluorescent gemstone. It was best known for use by the Greeks and Romans in various signets, and it was said to grant the power of invisibility on those who wore it.

Effects Edit

When the artifact is worn, it allows the wearer to put up a false image around themselves. The image can be of whatever they choose. However, the image is not consistently solid, and it can be easily disrupted by the lightest of rain.

Collection Edit

According to the records of the Mayan Branch Warehouse, this artifact was collected on (or August 29, 438 AD) by Associates Cabrakan and Itzel.

It was later given to the Agent who became Old Bone in order to maintain a disguise when needed.

Usage Edit

The artifact was mostly used by the Mayan Branch, in conjunction with the Gemstone Amplifying Quartz, to conceal itself. Old Bone later used the same method to travel from Guatemala to North Dakota and follow what he percieved as a theft.

Notes Edit

  • Like with many gemstone artifacts, the effects are amplified by Quartz Amplifier Gemstone. With the amplification for this gemstone, the false image the artifact produces stabilizes and will not falter. The artifact also gains water-resistance for thirty minutes in a rainstorm, allowing ample time for users to move out of sight.
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