Masao Asano's Racing Car '42'
Masao Asano's Racing Car '42'.png


Masao Asano


Austin Healey


Destroys objects


Increases bad luck



Collected by

Warehouse 13





Date of Collection

March 19, 2010


Origin[edit | edit source]

Masao Asano was a Japanese race car driver who was the odds favorite to win the first post-WWII Grand Prix at the Suzuko circuit in Nagoya, Japan. Upon arriving for the race spectators were surprised to see that he would be driving a car with the number 42 on it. In Japanese culture 42 is an unlucky number as the number is translated into shi ni which bears a resemblance to the word shingu, which means to die. Asano claimed to be unconcerned about superstitious thoughts and would race in the car regardless.

At first he seemed to be correct as he was in the lead for most of the race, until the final lap. Taking the last curve at 130 mph, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed through the barrier plunging into a nearby ravine, dying. The barriers were specifically designed not to break however that didn't stop the race car.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Can be driven through any obstacle (tests include steel barriers and concrete walls). Driver will suffer from increasingly bad luck that might lead to their death upon extended use. If successfully stopped, the vehicle will still follow the driver around and try to entice accidents at the handler.

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