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Mary Norton's Bedknob
Mary Norton's Bedknob.jpg
Artifact in Containment


Mary Norton


Brass Bedknob


Teleports users to anyplace in the user's mind.


Location in user's mind must be precise.


Thinking of location

Collected by

Arthur Nielsen & Hunter White


Ovoid Quarantine

Date of Collection

March 12, 2020



Mary Norton (1903-1992) was a British children's author, famous for penning the 'Borrowers' series of children's books in the early 1950's. In 1941, Norton's family moved to the United States for unknown reasons. In New York City, she began penning a story about a novice witch who goes on adventures with the aid of a magic bedknob. Norton had fears that World War 2 would escalate and reach american shores. These fears and the ideas for the story Norton had in mind, imbued one of the bedknobs from Norton's bedpost with her desire to escape the death and destruction of the war.


After multiple people from all across the world began disappearing and reappearing in unconventional locations in the middle of major cities, Rookie agent Hunter White, with the help of Artie, went on his first artifact retrieval mission to recover whatever was causing the mysterious teleportations. Following a trail of clues and interviews with the victim's families, Hunter and Artie eventually narrowed the artifact down to a bedknob once belonging to Mary Norton. They finally tracked the artifact down after several days to a small village in England. The two agents managed to locate the artifact and transport it back to the Warehouse before the family in possession of the bedknob noticed it was missing.


The bedknob, when held in a person's hand, will teleport the user to anyplace the user has in their. However, the user must be precise when thinking of the location, as leaving the position vague may lead to unforeseen consequences.

Storage and Handling

Protective gloves are required when Handling this artifact.