Marthe Cnockaert's Breadbox
Bread box


Marthe Cnockaert




Actively increased trustworthiness


Clumsy, careless behavior


Continual tiredness and stress

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

May 28, 1977



Marthe Cnockaert acted as a spy for the Belgian resistance on behalf of British Intelligence during WWI. Being a multilingual nurse allowed her to easily make friends with the occupying Germans she treated as patients. Many also greeted her at the family café where she pulled double duty. Ample opportunities presented themselves to eavesdrop on conversations. Her tenderness was so beloved, Cnockaert received the Iron Cross for tending the wounded and was even approached to spy for the Germans – which required an assassination request to resolve.

Among her reports was news of enemy informants, a cancelled visit by the Kaiser and the destruction of a local distillery where troops were encamped. Coded messages were passed by courier wearing two safety-pins, at least until the ring’s communication was broken. Eventually, she stumbled upon a sewer system with direct access to ammunition storage. She successfully laid explosives but lost her initialed watch in the process, later arrested for espionage. At the trial many officers spoke on her behalf for serving them compassionately with her medal as proof. She was sentenced to imprisonment only and released after the war completed.


Makes strangers quicker to trust the user if they perform good acts towards them. Advice or physical assistance are usually the best ways to make the person want to see the user in a positive light. Repeated acts reinforce the perception, making them staunch friends and defenders in any situation.

As it relies on constant stress to function properly, the user is prone to judgment lapses. Nervous fits takeover more often and clumsy incidents of exposing secrets take their toll. Eventually, it results in harmful mistakes that rely upon their newfound friends to bail them out.

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