Marshall Ratliff's Santa Claus Suit
Reindeer games suit


Marshall Ratliff


Santa Claus Suit


Gives them the needed boost to do something they want to achieve


The project usually fails, which triggers a fatal choking sensation


Wearing it

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Aisle of Noel





Date of Collection

June 15, 1946



The Santa Claus Bank Robbery occurred on December 23, 1927, in the Central Texas town of Cisco. Marshall Ratliff, dressed as Santa Claus, along with ex-cons,Henry Helms and Robert Hill and relative Louis Davis held up the First National Bank in Cisco. A bank patron had managed to escape just when the robbery began and warn the police what was occuring. When they arrived, the robbers forced the hostages out of the bank and took two girls hostage. During their escape, several poilice officers were fatally shot, while the crew attempted to flee. They winded up  repeatedly stealing getaway cars, accidentally leaving the loot in a stolen Oldsmobile and invoked the largest manhunt ever seen in the state of Texas. After capture, Ratliff feigned paralysis to attack the jailers. The people were witness to the beating of the jailers and a lynch mob took him the next day and hung him at a theater playing "The Noose".


Gives the wearer to drive to do something that they want to get done. Unfortunately, the project shortly falls to pieces after it is started. The user will feel as if a phantom rope is suddenly being looped around their neck, having the air choked from their lungs and their vertebrae broken.

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