Mark Logan Monroe


Mark Logan Monroe





Index Number



Field agent (apprentice), artifact inventory, technical assistant

Previous Occupation

Freelance programmer, part-time musician

Area of Expertise

Technical support, technological artifacts, musical artifacts


Life before the Warehouse

Mark Logan Monroe is a 21-year old who works for Warehouse 13 as a field agent apprentice and technical assistant. He holds dual American and British citizenship, although he permanently lived in San Diego, California before moving to Univille, South Dakota. He worked as a freelance programmer, working on any projects he was hired to do. He also performed as a solo musician, playing either guitar or piano and singing, generally at bars around San Diego. Not making much money, he was forced into living in the seedier parts of the city, due to the cheaper rent. Mark's first exposure to the world of artifacts was a run in with Rezső Seress' Sheet Music for "Vége a Világnak" at a San Diego bar. After witnessing a pianist commit suicide, Mark tried to look for what might of caused it, eventually becoming affected by the sheet music himself. Eventually, the sheet music was neutralised by Myka Bering and Claudia Donovan. Later that night, Mark was approached my Mrs. Frederic at his apartment, who invited him to Warehouse 13.

Artifacts CollectedEdit

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