Marjorie McCall's Gold Ring
Gold ring.png
Before and after transformation


Marjorie McCall




Causes the dead to sporadically return to life


Others become highly confused


Wearing and touching the deceased

Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

March 7, 1864


Origin[edit | edit source]

A popular folktale retold across Europe is about the lady with the ring. In it, a greedy grave robber tries to pilfer a woman’s tomb or gravesite to get to the valuable ring she was buried with. Having difficulty slipping it off her finger, he begins to cut the ring off. The lady suddenly wakes up from her slumber, as she was a victim of premature burial. Many versions exist on what happens after she awakes, but they all agree on the initial course of events. In Ireland, this woman is named Marjorie McCall, although records are unable to fully corroborate whether that story was in any way true.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the wearer touches someone deceased, they body will temporarily reanimate back to life. Although not fully reformed to a healthy state, their appearance will be bearable for onlookers. Everything about the subject in life will remain the same as before. They will shrug off the death and continue on as if life went uninterrupted, causing great discomfort, panic and fear in the living. They can only remain autonomous for several days at the most, after which they return to their prior state unless the ring is used again.

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